Yami no Bengonin

Role: Lead game designer and programmer.

Tools And Technologies: C++, Direct X 9, Bass, Cal 3D and Coldet.

Platforms: PC.


Yami no Bengonin is an old-school top down shooter heavily based on Japanese mythology.

I wanted to create this classical game with a multiplayer component where the player can select different characters, and each character has a role within the party, in the same way it happens in MMOs.

From an artistic point of view the game features cell-shading with a manga look. The characters are defenders of the dark, which mix creatures of the night such as vampires, frankensteins, etc... with warriors such as ninjas, samurais, karatekas, etc...

Yami no Bengonin features a full level with multiple enemies and a final boss, power ups and four playable characters with different abilities and special attacks.


Finalist in the PlayStation Art Futura 2006 contest.