Jam: Global Game Jam 2009

Jam Site: Universidad Politecnica, Madrid

Role: Designer and Programmer.

Tools And Technologies: Ogre 3D and C++

Platforms: PC.


You play as the Sun! and the Moon pursuits you until the end, the stars, jelous for that will throw you comets, and as much close to the moon you are more comets they will throw to you.

Installation Notes:

Launch the file "OgreBase.exe" inside \\release\debug.

NOTE: The project is compiled in debug with Visual Studio 2005, you will need the Visual Studio 2005 debug libraries.

Brief Play Description:

Use a XBox 360 controller for windows or the keyboard:

  • Move: Left stick or directional keys.
  • Shoot fire: A button or space bar.

Download game files (zip file)