Role: Lead game designer, programmer and music composer.

Tools And Technologies: C++, Direct X 9, Bass, Cal 3D and Coldet.

Platforms: PC.


Adrenalize was my first video game project. It was the project I developed for my masters in video game creation together with two more partners.

During the development of Adrenalize I learned the fundamentals of programming a professional video game while coordinating with other team members of different disciplines to accomplish milestones and eventually terminate the project.

For Adrenalize we wanted to create an action game with a tactic RPG element on it, so we decided to create a third person dungeon crawler type of game, where the avatar the player controls have 5 body parts. The player can decide what of the 5 parts of the enemies he wants to attack to.

Each part represents an attribute of classical rpgs, for example the right arm represents the strength, legs represent the speed, etc...

By damaging one of those parts, the player will also weaken that attribute, for example by attacking at the legs will damage the enemy but will also slow him down.

On top of that we wanted to add an extra gameplay layer, called the "adrenalize". Every time the player performs an action, the adrenalize meter of the avatar will increase.

With high adrenalize the player can deal more damage, but other attributes will be weakened in compensation. Also with high adrenalize the player can perform special attacks that will deal huge amount of damage.

From an artistic point of view we wanted very clean environments to create in the player the feeling of oppression since most of the rooms look alike. Also the music is heavily based on noises and crashes to increase this effect.


Finalist and winner in the category of best sound and atmosphere in the PlayStation Art Futura 2005.